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What on Earth?!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Now and again a topic grabs my attention and I wonder 'why didn't I notice that before?!' In this case, I had noticed, invested and forgotten. Lazy me!

Grounding: We talk about someone being grounded, we say we have to come 'back down to Earth', we mention Terra Firma. All of these everyday expressions are a reference to the fact that we need contact with the Earth. We literally would be ill if we weren't physically in touch with the ground for too long.

When I get interested in a topic like this I always feel it my devout duty to pass the info onto clients. While I work around the body tweaking this and that, I have a captive audience, so to speak. 'You need to ground!' (Who doesn't?)

Well, twice this week the clients asked 'Why?'

There is a good reason. Many reasons. We are Earth Beings. We have evolved on this Earth, and have carved our physique out in order to co-operate and adapt to being on the ground. Our feet are full of nerves that transmit information back and forth from the Earth beneath us, calibrating our moves and decisions according to what we sense. Foot health is crucial to our overall health.

But there's more, and possibly this one has more of an impact on our modern living.

In everyday life we build up an electric charge in our bodies - due to life in the (anti-human) environment that we find ourselves living in. It is a surprise to know that this electric charge is harmful. The odd time, as we move around, we get a static shock - I get it from my car door, that is a moment of 'Grounding' or 'Earthing'. This happens when we contact the Earth physically - we discharge the (undesirable) electric charge.

If we don't discharge this static, we are prone to inflammation. Put it another way: Grounding (earthing) reduces inflammation. This is a big deal, as inflammation is a root cause for disease. Most of us know how inflammation causes aches and pains. It also causes autoimmune disease. Modern society is riddled with it.

So, how do we ground?

Avoid footwear that insulates. Anything with a synthetic sole. Leather is best, though hard to come by these days. It's worth the hunt. We have been duped onto believing that runners or walkers are good for us. Noting could be further than the truth (for more than Grounding reasons). More sensible suggestions are found here :

Which brings me to the grounding sheet. As I worked my way around the treatment table recently, and regaled the poor client with my enthusiasm for grounding, she showed a bit of interest. The upshot was that I lent her my grounding sheet, inviting her to give it a go and see if it helped her overall health in any way. The next time she came to see me, she was as enthusiastic as I was - to the point that she ordered a sheet for herself. Lately she tells me that her digestive issues have all died down. She attributes this to simply lying on her grounding sheet as she sleeps in bed at night. ( I like to think the treatments had something to do with the improvement too...)

It was my turn to be intrigued. I've had the sheet for years and had forgotten about using it. I felt a bit silly to be honest... here I had something I told everyone to do, and had largely ignored my own advice. However, opportunity presented itself to give it a go again. in the last week or so my neck has been giving me trouble, and my hip. To the point that I succumbed to painkillers. My normal go-to therapies weren't working.

And then I remembered the sheet, I fished it out and put it on my bed. The next day, my neck felt normal, no painkillers, no strain, no ache, no tiredness.

Was it the sheet? I dare not say otherwise!! I've had 2 days of a neck that's working nicely with no pain. The sheet is staying on the bed.

I'm sure there are many sources, I'll post the link to the site where I bought mine. This could be a good present to yourself!

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