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Olwyn O'Sullivan

About me, Olwyn O'Sullivan

I'm a holistic therapist in Athlone. I've had my own health setbacks over the years, which helps me understand how  overwhelming it can be to have pain or debility. Despite what people may have told you, it CAN change! 


With gentle Bowen Therapy I address various pains and spinal issues typically treated by chiropractor,  acupuncturist and osteopath.  Reiki and Sound have a beautifully calming effect on the client, and are reported as  wonderful for dissipating pain.


 ScarWork became part of my toolset once I realised how highly important to overall body  function any scar/incision  can be.  Each client's treatment is dynamically tailored according to their needs. Clients are amazed that such gentle therapies can bring powerful change. You are very welcome to my peaceful cosy treatment room!

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My Story

I took  the scenic route to being a Holistic Therapist here in Athlone.  Once I got a general degree under my belt in Cork in the '80s I swanned around Europe for a couple of years teaching English, as you do!   Technical work brought me to Athlone, where  I worked in various  positions in a multinational telecommunications company.  

After over a decade there I got unsettled and realised I would  like to work with local community in mind, not the global market place I had been serving  - even though I had great experience and opportunity there.  Not long after leaving I decided to learn Reiki (2011)  and took the  brave plunge and set up professionally  (in the living room!).  One thing leads  to the next and I found myself learning Bowen Therapy (2015) , and later  I inviteded Jan Trewartha to Ireland to give the first course  on Sharon Wheeler ScarWork (2019).  It seems impossible to  work holistically without the desire to learn more and serve clients with a variety of tools!

I think I'll stop there though -  I don't want to be a jack of all trades.  I would rather  learn to  hone my existing craft and  I really do learn from every client!

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