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What our clients are saying about Bowen Therapy...

"I had suffered pain for over a year and tried many other treatments along with various medications all to no avail. Bowen therapy with Olwyn has really given me huge pain  relief with lower back and hip pain. She is very understanding and takes the time to listen to her clients. I'd highly recommend treatment with Olwyn."

Karen Dungan, Athlone



                                What  is  Bowen​ Therapy?

Bowen is a gentle holistic therapy which allows the body to reset and he​al pain and trauma . It is an ideal alternative to the direct manipulation of Chiropractic or the needles of Acupuncture. Tom Bowen likened the work to that of Shiatsu or Osteopathy. It  consists of a series of rolling moves on connective tissue. There are sometimes "pauses" which give the body time to integrate healing changes .​ 

                                                   How Does Bowen Work?

Pain Management Athlone Chiropractor Kieran McNally

Bowen  can address the body as a whole, or target a specific problem. With the release of toxins and old patterning, the moves begin to restore  holistic balance almost immediately. Bowen brings about swift results by invoking the body’s unique ability to heal itself, via the Nervous System . Clients often experience deep relaxation during their session.


   Who and what does Bowen Treat?

Bowen is for everyone, no matter what age.What symptoms does it treat?

        Bowen for Children  

Children benefit greatly from Bowen Therapy too. Babies are treated swiftly and successfully for colic, feeding difficulties, digestive and sleeping problems. Children are treated for asthma, hayfever,  anxiety, bedwetting, scoliosis, sleep - and more - always with a guardian present. A gentle holistic treatment for your child in Athlone Holistic Therapies.


                       How many sessions  to sort my pain?

How long is a piece of string?! Depending on the issue, pain, overall health of the client, I expect  3-5 sessions one week apart will address  the condition effectively. Sometimes clients need only one session and other times they may need more than 5 depending on the nature of their complaint or pain.

Kieran McNally pain management Athlone chiropractor osteopath Pain clinic

How do I prepare for my Bowen Session?

Drink some water in the 24 hours lead up. Hydrated bodies yield better results! Also avoid other therapies 5 days before or after the Bowen session. Wear loose clothing to the session for your comfort and to facilitate my work.


Where can I get a Bowen Treatment?

Cosy Treatment Room in Coosan, Athlone Westmeath

The new  (2020) purpose-built treatment room is in Coosan, Athlone.  Convenient to the M6 by-pass  (exit 11), it is private, cosy, quiet and secluded. Directions are provided when booking .

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