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                             What is Sound Therapy?


'Frequency Medicine' is becoming a study in its own right. Of course, we have evidence that it was practised in many ancient civilisations too! Sound Therapy integrates science (music), sound, and spirituality. It is possible  to 'tune' your body, with tuning forks. When we tune ourselves we tune our nervous system, achieving greater balance, harmony, and wellness in our lives. This holistic therapy uses our chakras (and meridians?) to channel energy where it's needed in your being. 


Who can have a Sound  Treatment?


I have used  Sound Energy Healing on many clients from all age groups and all walks of life.  As it is not  widely used in healing rooms, it is greeted with curiosity and  openness.  Older  generations remark that their teachers  had such tuning forks in class :) Younger clients like to inspect the bowls and give them a little tap. The otto forks are  a big attraction, they don't look like anything else!

Athlone holistic sound therapy healing  Bowls Solfeggio Forks

It intrigues me as a practitioner. I follow Eileen Day McCusack's work. Using different forks we can sense and release old  blocks, hurts and traumas.  Clients remark on how extremely relaxing the treatment is as they  lie  under  a blanket or 2.  I usually  turn to the forks if a physical  presentation won't shift using other work. It is an amazing modality for letting go emotions and restoring ease and peace. 

                                      Where can I get a Treatment?


In the warm & quiet Athlone Holistic Therapies in Coosan, Athlone. The client simply lies fully clothed under a blanket. It can also be performed on seated clients.

AIT and Moate Business College students are welcome at discount rate.              Contact me

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