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'Olwyn is absolutely amazing. I loved every second of my treatment, I left feeling so empowered, light and just generally feeling positive. She has worked wonders on my headaches, this is the first year that I have not taken an antihistamine and nasal spray, I usually suffer badly from hay fever. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to embark on their healing journey. Thanks so much!'

                                                                                                              - Eileen Burke, Co.  Offaly, October  '22

- Mark Walshe, Dublin June 2021

It was my first time to meet Olwyn and it was refreshing to meet a health professional who is as enthusiastic about my health as I am. I enjoyed the session and most importantly my neck felt so much better afterwards. I would recommend Bowen Technique and Olwyn to anyone who wants to shed pain and tension from the body and soul.

"Thanks so much for treating my toddler. She’s so much calmer, relaxed and happier, her sleep has improved and she has had no nasal issues whatsoever. "  

                                                                              - Linda Sylvester, Athlone Co Westmeath, July ​ 2018​

Olwyn is both a knowledgeable practitioner and talented healer. However, it is her ability to empathise and to take time to understand the nature of the complaint which sets her apart. I was experiencing discomfort for years the root cause of which had never been diagnosed. By using Bowen with Olwyn I understood the cause and how it could be treated. Thank you Olwyn

- Aoife, Athlone June 2017

' Just meeting Olwyn is almost therapy enough, she is one of the loveliest people I've ever met but aside from that, her techniques and practice are some of the best I've experienced, having tried many remedies for IBS, upset stomach and general wellness.

I've never gotten so much from an alternative therapy as I have in terms if mental and physical wellbeing as well as boosted energy and guidance on minding myself.

Highly recommended even if just for a dose of relaxation or a "tune up". '

                                                                            - Tracey Moore Aughrim, Co Galway, March 2017

I've had two sessions so far with striking improvement in the pain of my fibromyalgia, IBS and PCOS.

Most people with Fibro don't 'forget' to take their pain meds but I did regularly. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments which were extremely relaxing throughout my session which seemed to last forever! It's very difficult to describe this therapy apart from the fact that with a lack of intrusive movements there are massive immediate health benefits. I've had massage (I am a sports Therapist.) Acupuncture and pharmaceutical medicines with little response (other than keeping my conditions at a managable level); so Bowen is a first for me!

I urge anyone in physical, psychological or mental pain to book at least 1 Bowen Therapy session with Olwyn. Her personality puts you at ease instantly from that first handshake until you are leaving an hour or more later.

I'm already looking forward to next week's therapy and I seriously intend on booking treatments for the rest of my family. Thank You Olwyn and Bowen Therapy for changing my life.'

- Erica Chadwick O'Meara, Ballymahon, Co Longford March 2017


'What ever you have done to my mum it worked! She's pain free for weeks now I'm so thankful!!!'

                                                                                                                       - Paulina, Athlone, May 2016

'I couldn't recommend Olwyn enough... terrific treatments for nearly every complaint, I suffered with tennis elbow for a couple of years and it left me quite unable to use my arm, after only 2 treatments of Bowen and a session of Reiki my arm has been pain free since!! No more pain killers or anti inflammatories for me!! Thank you Olwyn I'll be back...'

                                                                                              - Melanie Dunne, Athlone, February 2016


'Hi Olwyn, had a wonderful night's sleep after the Bowen treatment you gave me yesterday and to top it off I used the beautiful Neal's Yard facial wash and hand cream. Lovely scent made me sleep so well!'

                                                                                                                             - Gina, Athlone, May 2016 

'As soon as I left the Bars session with Olwyn things started to change for me. Opportunities opened up rapidly, work took on new energy and I had renewed focus to deal with it all! I've been back for more and not disappointed!'

                                                                                               -Rosemarie Langtry, Co. Offaly, April 2016

'I didn't really know what to expect when I had my first Bowen treatment as I did not know very much about it. During the treatment I felt so relaxed which is unusual for me! It felt like the movements were far too gentle to have any impact so I was delighted to find a huge improvement in all of my symptoms - even after the first treatment.    My wrist pain and mobility improved immensely and I have not had any sciatic pain for months. Would definitely recommend Bowen - in fact I have done several times since!'

                                                                                          - Denise Christie, Co Galway 2015

' Thank you Olwyn for your great Bowen treatment which helped my 5 month old baby with her constipation. It was an immediate success after you treated her using this gentle technique followed by a happy baby and a happy mummy.'

                                                                                                                                     - Isabell, Athlone 2015

'Thank You Olwyn for an amazing experience today. Your Reiki hands are awesome. God bless the work. I feel wonderful.'

                                                                                                              - Rose O'Connor, Westmeath 2014

'After a very stressful period during which I lost my mother, Olwyn gave me a distance treatment. I felt an immediate emotional release. My mood picked up and I felt completely energised.

On another occasion I injured my arm and over weeks hadn't enough strength even to carry a shopping bag. Olwyn treated me to 20 mins of Reiki by distance. Over the next couple of days I noticed that the pain had gone and I was back to full strength. I highly recommend distance treatments!'

                                                                                                                         -Yvonne Murphy, Cork 2014

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