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Treatment  Price List

Price list for Bowen Treatments Athlone Holistic Therapies Chiropractor  Osteopath

Bowen Therapy


40 euro

Regular adult session         

60 euro

Extended adult session  (1.5 hours with Reiki/Sound Therapy)

80 euro

Scar and Adhesion Treatments Athlone  Holistic Therapies

Scar Tissue Treatment


50 euro

Regular  adult session         

80 euro

Reiki and Sound Therapy Athlone


Reiki and Sound Healing

Approx an hour

60 euro

Distance Reiki

40 euro

Children and Baby price list  Athlone Holistic Therapies Chiropractor Osteopath Athlone

Young Treatments

Children     up to 18 yrs

40 euro


40 euro

Baby  (Second treatment free)

40 euro

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