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Caesarian Scar Tissue Release

" Olwyn is both a knowledgeable practitioner and talented healer. I was experiencing discomfort for years the root cause of which had never been diagnosed. By using Bowen with Olwyn I understood the cause and how it could be treated. Thank you Olwyn."

                                                          -           Name withheld, Co Westmeath, June 2017

'One-third of women are giving birth by Cesarean Section (C-section). Most of these women don’t realize that after the incision has healed, problems can, and often do, occur from the surgery, scar tissue, neurological disruption, and adhesions it creates. These symptoms can be close to the incision point or in completely different parts of the body that seem unrelated, yet are very much related. If not treated, C-section scar tissue can spread creating adhesions and attaching to the pubic symphysis (pubic bone), the hip flexors, pelvic floor, and back muscles and vertebrae restricting movement and causing pain. Additional ramifications can include nerve damage, diaphragm restrictions that inhibit breathing and rev up the nervous system, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, incontinence, neuro-muscular dysfunction, loss of motor control of muscles in any body part, incontinence, bowel problems (such as constipation and IBS), and pelvic organ prolapse.

Women are typically not given instructions (other than immediate wound care) for how to heal and care for their C-section scars after they leave the hospital. The best information that most women receive is what not to do for the period of time when the incision itself is closing.' -

Symptoms associated with scar tissue:

  • Numbness or lack of feeling in or around the area of the scar
  • Pain
  • Tightness in and around the scar
  • Discomfort around the entire abdomen
  • Feeling of disconnection between lower and upper body 
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Physical appearance of scar may be pale/white, red and ‘angry’, raised

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