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Hormones - We all have them!


 It was only when I settled down to study  Anatomy and Physiology that I realised  hormones rule everything in our body!   We  know the names of   a selection - and these are the sex hormones.  In modern times there  is a multitude of  reasons why our hormones get disrupted.  Unfortunately we are unaware of many of those influences until they have gotten a grip! Diet, environment, stress and alignment are the most common 'disruptors'.

The medical world  most likely resorts to hormone supplementation - often synthetic.  There is little awareness  in those spheres that  manual therapies can actually  bring hormone levels into balance. In the Holistic world we  always recommend that  hands on or natural interventions be tried first, and the medical (often needed) alternatives be  left as a  last resort.  It is  generally accepted that synthetic medication takes its toll on the body in other  ways, even while treating the primary issue.


Ron Phelan  has a wealth of knowledge in this area and  we  invited him  to Ireland in 2023 to  deliver  Hormone Release - The Bowen Way, originally developed by Trevor Ryan.  These protocols have  been remarkably successful with clients of all cultures and  ages. Structured protocols are practised for the various  conditions


Symptoms associated with Hormonal Imbalance:


  • Endometriosis: Painful around the womb, and  unfortunately can  spread to other organs.
  • Period Pain:  Not normal, despite what media would suggest!
  • Infertility:  In both men and women 
  • Menopause:  Over exposed by the media - we know the symptoms...
  • Prostate Issues​
  • Libido
  • Mood, fatigue, irritability etc
  • PMT
  • Ovulation pain
  • Irregular menstruation


Who is this for?  

Everybody really. You don't have to be dramatically unwell to get tweaked. We do ensure that your alignment is  corrected before treating with the specific hormones. In this way many other ailments are corrected too, often inadvertently.  

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