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Water you talking about?!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Before I launch into this one, let me announce that I am  NOT a dietitian or a nutritionist and therefore cannot give such advice - not even about drinking  water! 

However, recently it strikes me that quite a few clients struggle with drinking water.

Why does this concern me? Well, we advise every client to drink water after the treatment and to continue doing so. The advice we give is to drink little and often. Particularly after a Bowen treatment, we believe that the fascia conducts the messages throughout the body which helps healing, and to do that it needs to be hydrated. 

So in the name of your own healing, give water a second chance!! It not only hydrates your body tissue (which allows your body heal), it also services your vital organs (without which you cannot live). It allegedly improves your sleep, reduces  anxiety, clears brain fog and cures headaches! I reckon it's worth a try, don't you?!

The other issue that people complain about is that water ‘runs right through’ them. Now this one I took to the board (my Bowen  colleagues many of whom are physios etc) to see what they say about it all. Here is the impression that I am forming: if you are very dehydrated, your body will find it hard to absorb moisture!! You know when you try to water a plant that is absolutely parched, the water just runs off the parched soil. It simply cannot penetrate. We believe this is what's happening when a dehydrated person drinks water and it flows through  the body quickly. 

So how do you get around  this? 2 solutions are proposed…

  1. Drink little and often and place a crystal or two of Celtic salt (unrefined sea salt) under your tongue before you do.  This salt is reputed to have magnesium in different compounds as well as several other minerals. These help your body absorb water.


  1. Loosen up your tissue!  Literally soften up your muscle tissue and your fascia. Try massage, yoga, stretch etc. Get moving! As it softens it can absorb more water - think of that parched earth.

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